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Estell's Florist is a boutique online flower shop founded in 2017. We believe that flowers have the magic of bringing happiness and inspiration to people, as well as the power to transform spaces with positivity and warmth. We bring years of floral design experience and craft elegant floral pieces for our valued customers.

Our Philosophy

Flowers bring a sense of immediate happiness to people. Even as gift giver, feelings of joy and inspiration are invaluable. Gorgeous flowers can bring an instant smile to someone’s day. Flowers can commemorate special moments at different stages in life, such as birthdays, graduations, weddings or anniversaries, and create lifelong memories. Our floral designers are proud to be part of your life journey, bringing you joy and happiness for your special occasions!

Bespoke Services

Our florists devote as much time and effort to our customers as we do flowers. We love hearing your ideas – what colour theme and flower materials you prefer, details about your special occasion – and we pledge to bring the best in floral design, tailored to your needs. From the ease of getting flower ideas from our website, ordering and paying online, private consultations to our bespoke designs, we make every step of your flower shopping experience as effortless and pleasurable as possible.

We offer floral services for clients looking for special events, weddings, corporate activities or private commissions.


Our founder, Estell, is an accredited member of AIFD® (American Institute of Floral Designers®) and DFA (Dutch Flower Arrangement). Our florists craft intuitively to bring elegance and stylish floral work for our customers.

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Estell’s Florist offers personal consultation services – online and in person – for clients looking to tailor their floral arrangements for a special event, person or private commission.

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