Estell’s Florist complete guide to making your flowers last longer!

1. Flower packaging removal: This way it will give sufficient space for your flowers to breathe.

2. Pick a glass vase: Glass vase carries certain weight and is not easy to wobble, unlike those made of plastic or paper.

3. Trimming: Take off any leaves that would be under water in the vase, otherwise they will rot and breed bacteria.

4. Fill in your vase half full. Check to make sure all the stems are in the water. Keep the vase half full make it easy to carry and change water every other day.

5. If you have flower nutrient (usually around HK$3-5 a pack) at home, add half a pack and stir it well. It is a good fertilizer for flowers. You can also add 1-2 droplets of bleach in, which helps prevent bacteria from growing in vase.

6. Cut a little off the bottom of each stem at a shape angle before dropping them in the vase. This helps your flowers get a fresh drink.

7. Keep your flowers away from fruits. Fruit gives off ethylene gas, which will make the flowers deteriorate more quickly.

8. Shape cutting tool. Make sure to use a good pair of scissors or pruning shears that will not crush the stems.

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